Retail Electrical Services in Phoenix Metro Area

Looking for a way to improve the environment in your retail store? -OR- Are you looking for a reliable electrical set up in your new store? We are the electric experts you need and we will make the plan, estimate, and work easy and efficient. Revamping the lighting in your boutique has proven to increase employee happiness, efficiency, and productivity! 

Don’t wait – this lighting improvement will make a huge difference for your retail location! 

Retail Store Lighting Installation in the Phoenix Metro Area

Poor lighting is known to decrease employee productivity. In a typical business expense breakdown, labor accounts for as much as 85 percent of operating costs, while lighting only accounts for one percent. As a result, your business could be decreasing its operational efficiency—and ultimately affecting your bottom line—without proper retail store lighting. It’s important to consider the following: 

  • Color of retail lights – The color, or “temperature” of your store’s lights account for the most dramatic effect on employee tasks. Brighter light, also known as “white light”, is known to increase employee productivity and cause employees to feel more energized and less stressed than yellow, or “warm” light. 
  • Brightness of retail lights – Like the color, the brightness of your store’s lighting is also known to negatively affect employee performance. A poorly lit store can actually cause employees to feel fatigued!
  • Quality of retail lights – Nobody likes tired employees—but this doesn’t mean you should load your store with more lights. A store that is too bright can also cause employees to feel sluggish and exhausted. Our expert electricians can help you decide on the correct lighting for your retail space.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current store’s lighting system, or need electrical repairs, contact the certified electricians at JGM Electric. We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing store lights and work with you to recommend the best lighting fixtures, bulbs, and placement to improve your retail environment.