Electrical Services to Restaurants in the Phoenix Metro Area and surrounding cities

No commercial electrical job is too small or large for us. If you are a first time business owner wishing to customize the electrical layout of your restaurant, JGM Electric will help you realize your unique design plans. 

Proper lighting at a restaurant is needed in order to provide a pleasant experience to your customers, this can greatly affect whether customer come back or even recommend the place to a friend. 

JGM Electric also makes sure your restaurant has the right electrical set up, wires, and proper voltage so your staff and equipment run smoothly and reduce the risk or fire and failures. 

Restaurant Electrical Services and Repairs include: 

  • Diagnose Electrical Problems of all types 
  • Restaurant Electrical Inspections 
  • Specific Wiring for your Restaurant 
  • Commercial Appliance Installations 
  • Electrical Panel Repairs & Upgrades 
  • Power Outages 
  • Light Bulb and Fan Replacement 
  • Prevent Future Electrical Failures 
  • Test Lights Switches and Dimmers 
  • Lighting Control System
  • Audio and Video
  • Data Systems