Luxury Homes

More Than 20 Years of Experience and Serving the Phoenix Metro area and all The Valley.


Are you remodeling your whole house or just a section? Well, it doesn’t matter. We are here to help you make sure all your wiring is working properly, create new outlets, etc. 


Our professional technicians will help you rewire any lines and rooms at your home. It is important to have rewiring done correctly for good functionality but also for safety. 


We provide professional ceiling fan installation at any height. 


We have experience automating your electric controls: switches, dimmers, lights, etc.  Just tell us what you want to automate and we’ll make it happen. 


Are you having electrical problems at home? We can inspect the entire house to make sure all outlets, lights, and electrical channels are working properly. Not taking care of your electrical issues at home can lead to churn of your electronics, or worse, the cause of a fire. Don’t let it come to that – Call a good certified and trained electrician today! 


We can plan, design, and install your step lights, assisting you to find and install the right lighting to accent your entries. Let’s not forget your outdoor security lighting, so you can see where you’re going or who’s coming.

Residential Electrical Services